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The international trade volume is constantly growing, and parallelly, the losses that may occur during the transportation of the traded goods can directly affect the commercial activities negatively. We offer international solutions and consultancy services in shipping insurances.
Our experienced and professional team provides services at international standards with comprehensive shipping insurance solutions.
Engineering and Construction projects are complex projects that connect investors, creditors and contractors with contractual obligations.

SAGA Construction Team provides services to all stakeholders of the sector, by means of its international competence and experience in different geographies, in both engineering and construction projects, as the team identify risks, analyse and transfer them through insurance together with taking the costs into consideration.
We offer international solutions and consultancy services for insurance companies to create treaty structures that will enhance their competitiveness in the sector and support their capital structures.
SAGA Trete Team, with their international competence and expertise in different geographies, provides services of pricing, actuarial calculations and modeling while taking into account the risks, their analysis and costs.
With our flexible fringe benefits service that enable companies to make choices in line with their employees’ needs, we increase employees’ loyalty and commitment to the company and play a major role in increasing employee motivation and happiness. Thanks to flexible fringe benefits that also form a competitive advantage for your company, we contribute to your company’s reputation and support your department of human resources for you to become the preferred company to work for.

SAGA, by providing international solutions for shipping, communication, defense industry, heavy industry and similar comprehensive risks for many years, thanks to its long-standing cooperation with İnternaational partner, provides risk-specific consultancy services on damage and risk control issues, and works to provide a comprehensive protection against all risks that may occur. Our experienced team offers solutions suitable for your sector by taking into account all your risks, and thanks to our wide global network, we provide services not only in Turkey but also in any part of the world.
Energy investments continue rapidly in both developing countries and industrialized countries that shape the world economy. In our country, in parallel with international energy investments, investments in hydroelectric, coal and natural gas power plants, wind and solar, and nuclear power plants continue at full speed.

We offer wide-ranging reinsurance solutions and consultancy services to major energy investments in our country, both during construction and operation periods. We provide international solutions and help you to maintain your investments with confidence.
In the face of employer liability lawsuits that are becoming increasingly common in the business world, IBS Liability Insurance configurates special insurance and reinsurance programs in order for you to know your risks and to protect your financial status against potential claims from your employees, customers and other third parties.

Our experienced SAGA team is always by your side to identify these risks clearly and elects the most appropriate insurance programs designed to protect your company’s financial status in such situations.
uses its international insurance experience to put forward advantageous programs that will increase the commitment between you and your customers.
We produce solutions such as proposing insurance products personalized to your needs, campaign plannings that will create added value for your customers and the creation of interactive sales channels where your customers and employees can purchase insurance with the most favorable conditions.

Thanks to the special programs organized for your company, we securitize your risks with the most precise options and advantageous prices.

Apart from the following insurance products, we also design tailor-made products according to your requirements;

• Personal Accident Insurances

• Health, Emergency Health, Complementary Health Insurances

• Travel Insurance

• Unemployment and Bill Protection Insurances

• Housing and Property Insurances

• Motor Vehicle Insurance and Traffic Insurances

• Private Pension and Life Insurances

• Extended Warranty, Cell Phone and Smart Device Protection Insurances

You can contact us to benefit from SAGA ’s international insurance experience and increase your customer and employee satisfaction.
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+90 216 256 56 40
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+90 216 256 56 40
+90 850 480 88 86
Soğanlık Orta Mah. D-100 Kuzey yan yolu N:26 Safi Espadon Tower K:3 D:35 KArtal- İstanbul - Türkiye
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